Monday, 12 November 2007

What I think of Aston Villa!!!

Spizz is a big Aston Villa and that endeared him to me. Obviously, Spizz is a wonderful
human being but supporting one of the best clubs in terms of British supporters is a real

Picture the scene, a young Cockney Red goes to see Villa v Man Utd in the late 70s.
Because of lack of money and of sanity the said Cockney Red goes to see them in the
Holt End. Ashley Grimes somehow skims the defence and puts a cross over that nobody
gets because the rest of the United players don't think Ashley is capable that.

Later on in the game Man Utd have a penalty shout echoed by a lone, and I mean lone
voice, in the Holt End. Luckily, the penalty shout was turned down and the guys round
me said that was a good shout in a good humour. On certain grounds (Hammers,
Scousers, Chels) you would be looking at a Man Utd supporter with a few
less limbs.

The other time I saw Villa play at Villa Park was when Deportivo de la Corunna
came to town and sneaked a one nil win for the away tie. Atkinson somehow managed
to field a team, which did not want to play. After the game the good-natured
Villa fans were waiting outside to swap shirts and other items with the
Spanish supporters.

Spizz is playing at Filthys on Dec 15th.

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