Thursday, 15 November 2007

I am not getting much feedback or comment!

I am not getting much feedback or comment about the Spizz football tour of Gay Paree
but at least I am getting the gig "out there". I am going to be taking despairing measures
to get fitness up to scratch. At least I can touch my toes (well, almost).

One of our best players and leading candidate for team captain is Big Dave, an Ayr United fan. He is built like a ****house (well comparatively to us weedy other players) and he thinks he scored last week but it was an own goal because the ball took another direction off the goalie's
foot (yours truly!!). This was a rare escapade up front since Big Dave parks himself
in front of goal as the key central defender and does endless back passes, sometimes to slow
the game down. This is a shame because the game is slow enough as it. When he passes,
this is mainly to his brother Steve up front.

Don't forget the gig at Filthy's is a month away today. I am really looking forward to it
as well as the Spizz Paris football tour.

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