Saturday, 10 November 2007

Spizz football tour, Paris 2008

Just to explain Spizz was having a few stellas last night in the boozer with the football crowd,
when he let slip that a few fans in France wanted him to play in Paris. This was after seeing
Spizz's video clip on You Tube where he waltzes past several players. I am afraid that was
in 1994. In November 2007 Spizz is a favourite choice for the captain to fill up the goal.
Mick Jagger might have kept his sylph like body but looking at Spizz in the showers after
the game requires a stiff drink before and a stiff drink afterwards.
I digress. Spizz is a pop star and he will be making pop, more ways than one at Filthy's
on December 15th. I saw Spizz at the 100 Club and while not at the top of my all-time
pop concert list (Led Zeppelin, Earls Court, 1975) it was a creditable performance and
and a good time was had by all.
I hope the blog will be a diverting read for Spizz fans and why am I writing it? Apparently,
I organised the last foreign trip of the footballers and so I might as well do this one.
Initial deposit of £30 up front next Friday, Gentlemen.
As for any possible sponsors, the more the merrier. I dread to think what the beer bill will
be if Spizz starts putting the Stellas away in Paris.

3 comments: said...

Hi Paul, I have re-read the You Tube email from Paris "there will be goalnets and a referee and showers". I have notified him of our interest and am waiting for his reply. But just to fill you in on the You tube vid that generated all this
The Spizz Goal - enjoy

Spizz Forever!!! said...

Spizz has informed me that there
will be goalnets, a referee and
showers. Sounds a big upmarket for
me. Could we add a rider some flowers and cups of real English tea. The lack of real tea in Paris
is ar real drawback.

Spizz Forever!!! said...

sorry about the spelling
"ar real". I think Big Sam will
be providing the translation/
interpreting services. He said
toute a'l'heure on Friday night
if I remember correctly.