Saturday, 17 November 2007

Football can be a cruel game!!

Football can be a cruel game. It looks like I will not make the starting eleven and will be
relegated to the bench so as to be an "impact" player. I could be an emergency left back
or I could come on as a timewasting manoeuvre late in the game.

Amazingly, Spizz was not considered as a first choice but he makes the team as
spearheading the attack. I have argued for a diamond formation but apparently
the consensus of opinion is to go for four-four-two. Gawd knows what Paris will
make of it.

The leading proponent of me not playing is Gashead, who wants me to be just
the kit manager. On the captain issue I have decided to go for youth and pick
Big Sam rather than Big Dave. Big Sam is only 36 and needs grooming for the
top, tough games.

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