Saturday, 10 November 2007

Spizz's football tour Part 2

We are looking to go perhaps late February or early March 2008. If the missus lets me
it will involve an overnight stay. Doing a same day trip on Eurostar sounds feasible but
not much fun. I want to see the sights, Paris Saint Germain, and if you readers have
any recommendations on where to stay, feel free to post them in!!
The guys who said yes last night included I was an Arsenal fan before you were an
Arsenal fan, Stevo and his brother Big Dave, both Ayr United Fans, Boro Dave,
Gashead, Big Sam and me, who is a Man Utd, Spurs and Barnet fan. I admit I am pretty
confused, but maybe I have all the bases covered. And Spizz!!
The only problem about my football is that I have been relegated to that scrapheap of
always being in goal. So I am the tour secretary but would rather be known as the
"Guvnor" for the length of this tour. Spizz is a well-known Aston Villa fan.

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