Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Super Mario scores wonder goal, a thing of sublime beauty.

Our landscape architect Super Mario, from Genoa and a friend of Will's, scored possibly the best goal the Guv'nor has ever seen in his 32 years of five, six, seven, eight and nine a side on astro pitches last Friday. Mario went for a dribble and about thirty yards out shot the ball with little backlift. The ball went straight as an arrow into the net and goalie Gooner Simon said he just didn't see it.

This was the goal of the century during a game where the standard was considerably raised the the Kavanagh family with Daddy Kavanagh and his son Patrick playing for the Blues while young Stan played for the Yellows. The youngsters never misplaced a pass and kept on running into good positions. Patrick was unlucky hitting the post twice and late on the game he made a curved pass to the Guv'nor on the right. The near 56 year old Guv'nor (www.mufc.com) saw Daddy Kavanagh lurking with intent in the penalty area and did a lofty cross to beat Gashead Paul. Showing great technique the Fenian kept the ball low to make it six three to the Blues. Mick K. has later claimed that it was the ankle of God.

The scoreline did not really reflect the run of play. Moany Tony (Spurs) was excellent for the Yellows while Alex (Stoke) and Gooner Simon (www.Arsenal.com)
missed good chances. The Guv'nor tried to block Moany Tony and got clattered to the ground and momentarily lost his glasses..He was surprised how strong the slight advert maker was. Gashead Simon tried to keep it tight for the Yellows but there was a lack of tracking back and Yev (I like Chicks) Zench. scored a clinical hat trick. Star players in a good team Blues performance were Danny Liverpool in goal who made a series of improbable stops, while Simon Ink. sacrificed his box-to-box game with his semi-circular dribbles by staying as centre half making some important blocks. Super Mario tucked in left defence and made tackle after tackle. Tottenham Nick actually improved his passing, which is usually not his strong point. Mick K. also did an outrageous dummy, which took out two players in the game.

The blog is normally written by Gooner Simon but he going to Thailand for three weeks and he and the Guv'nor discussed the problems Farangs have with the local girls, who snare you and then produce kids or boyfriends from their local village.

Afterwards players retired to the Skinners but for a bit of action Khalid, Alex, Mark, Yev and the Guv'nor went to a Wetherpoons pub, which was not one. The black bouncers Aaron and Uko refused to let Alex bring his bike in so we stayed outside chatting until eleven and then went inside. The Guv'nor started hugging dreadlocks Aaron after discovering he was a Roman Catholic and went to a church in Balls Pond Road and he did the same to Uko, who was of Ibo descent and was a Christian. There was a Roman Catholic feel to the evening when Scottish Mark (Airdrie and Celtic) revealed that he had a parish priest and a nun as relations while Alex (Stoke) said he was a Catholic as well.

In a completely outrageous move, the Guv'nor invited all and sundry to his Mum's house to watch the Manaus game between England and Italy in the World Cup in June. There would be four bedrooms spare and we could have tents in the garden for any overflow. This genuine and authentic offer was derided by all and sundry as an attempt by the Guv'nor to see players in their pyjamas.

Khalid was very interesting. The PhD in soil technology attached to UCL said the best game he ever saw was Cardiff and Stoke at Ninian Park where the local fans were throwing bricks around but the Potteries team won two nil. The Guv'nor said he had been to one of the five towns and thought it might have been Newcastle.

The Italian theme of the evening was continued when the Guv'nor chatted to Alessandro, who was a Milan barman and new friend  He also tried to chat up four hot Milanese chicks on behalf of Yev (do you want to meet a Russian-Ukranian investment banker? Er no). Italians and Spaniards are pouring into London for work. At the end of the evening the Guv'nor was eating a very nice chicken burger in a KX eaterie. The server could have been the future Mrs Tanner, if the Guv'nor was twenty years younger. She was from Padua and said the economic situation in Italy was bad and she had come over eight months ago. The Guv'nor said mille grazie and the apparition from heaven replied prego.

Just before that Alex had an attack of the deep and meaningfuls. Alex and the Guv'nor are going to have to set aside a three hour slot to continue their fundamental discussion. In summary a classic evening for the Guv'nor.

PS. People hoping for a re-run of the infamous tussle between Arsenal Goughie and Stevie A. were severely disappointed by their no-show. Spizz (www.spizzenergi.com) was again absent claiming he had to prepare for a gig in East Anglia.

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