Friday, 4 September 2009

Spizz played a blinder last night!!

Last night at the world-famous venue of the London 100 Club, punk star Spizz played a blinder. The band was really rocking (do punks rock?) but there were great versions of "Soldier, Soldier" and "Where's Captain Kirk". I went along to tell Spizz
to take it easy so as to play footie tonight but he can't make it because they have a gig tomorrow (Saturday) in Leuven. Spizz is especially looking forward to this concert since the Belgian university town is also the home of Stella Artois.

Back to last night's London gig, the crowd was an eclectic mix with youngsters and office workers. One wore his tie throughout. There was a bit of pogo dancing at the front and there was a good atmosphere. Spizz made sure the Friday night footie players were catered for in ticket terms, which was a nice gesture. Goughie did a bit of heckling with his calls for "Virginia Plain" and Spizz duly complied with a great cover version at the end of the set. Mick K. and Steve made up the numbers from
Friday night footie with quite a few players on holiday or washing their hair.

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