Monday, 7 September 2009

It was a very creditable two-two draw last Friday.

With Spizz rocking in Leuven during the weekend, it was a rare match without the punk star. The team selection by Goughie (I think it was him) was spot on and we had a very creditable two-two draw. With honours shared, Big Dave and Ross caught the eye on our team and Alex and Stevo did very well for the opposition.
Alex is quite a young lad compared to the dinosaurs of me and the Gashead, who was wittering about last week's match of Bristol Rovers against Wycombe, and does these mazy dribbles. He scored one of their goals while Stevo got a rare shot on target and it went in from quite a long way out. I was in goal for the Alex effort, which was expertly placed and beat my despairing efforts. Alright, I knew it was going in and I just picked the ball out of the net. I don't do diving saves, mainly using my feet. The Stevo effort was probably down to goalie error but it was not me this
Ross got our two goals and shone in attack. Big Dave, Stevo's brother, marshalled things in defence and I played through the pain barrier in the right back position.
There were two new debutants Nick and Mark, who played quite well. It takes time to get used to the astro turf surface. Nick did some quite good dribbles while Mark got some strong running in, not quite box-to-box but nearly there.

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