Monday, 2 March 2009

Another Friday football missed!!

Well, I know it is not a very good show but I missed another Friday night footie. I was having a few drinks near London's Liverpool Street with an old mate. I don't know about the economic downturn but it was three deep at the bar of the Hamilton Hall, which is a Wetherspoon pub and one of my favourites. We went to Dirtys Dicks and then ended up at a great pub selling stout, which was great fantastic. Football was not on the conversation since we are both Man Utd fans.
My mate was born outside Manchester and my Dad, from Irlam, ensured that I followed the Red Devils. However, I have seen Spurs quite a bit. My favourite player of all time is John Pratt followed by Steve Archibald ("We'll take good year of you Archibald, Archibald"). Pratt had a pre-match routine of walking a particular route within the White Hart Lane comoplex. You could time your watch by him!!

Which brings me to the one and only Spizz. The plan was for Gashead to send me a match report, which I could put in the blog. However, it has not worked out. I will give Gashead a call. As for the Reds on for the Quintuple, not every game will be against Spurs. Talking about real football, I have asked Ian G. to be my agent and negotiate a better package with Gashead. I don't
want to play in goal.

PS. The Hamilton Hall link is a bit sniffy about recommending the place but I think it is great with the very high ceilings and it is a good place to start an evening from.

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