Tuesday, 24 February 2009

It looks like I will be missing football again this Friday!

For all sorts of reasons I might be missing football this Friday, which would represent a third consecutive no-show. I was half-thinking about going out for a few sherbets with a mate. I suppose I have missed Spizz's deft flicks and running into position. Spizz does not stand in an offside position but leads the attack.

I am getting nervous about the Mourinho and Ferguson clash tonight. The wiley Portuguese has the bluff Scotsman in his pocket. Apparently, Man Utd might play 4-5-1 and I wonder
if Fergie will play Darren Fletcher tonight. The burglary at Fletcher's house sounds pretty terrifying. I think the police should give more protection to Premier League players, especially Liverpool who have suffered badly from break-ins.

I will definitely be back next week or perhaps this week if my mate blanks me out.
I am trying to get my fitness back and will be starting to jog soon. I am still worried about my right leg. Maybe next week I will go for a nice run thinking about getting some extra pace.

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