Monday, 16 February 2009

Sorry for the delayed blogs about Spizz!!

Since the New Year Spizz has been showing considerable prowess on the field of play.
Recently, I was trying to mark him but was too static and he easily beat me to score a goal. Unfortunately, the game finished 3-2 to them and my mistake was probably crucial. Next time I have got to push up closer.
Spizz has recently celebrated his 50th anniversary and mused that thirty years ago he wrote "Captain Kirk". I wonder if he will be like Giuseppe Verdi and create masterpieces in his old age. His football is showing no signs of absolute decline unlike mine. I am going to see a nutritionist and hopefully this will lead to more of an impact on the pitch.
No further news on the football tour front but we should take a strong squad. I am seeing myself as more of a substitute. I am thinking the Germans would be fitter than us generally and fitter than me in particular.

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