Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The Spizz Forever blog wishes Happy New Year!!

I suppose I suffered from a troubled performance over the season. In some games I did not pass the half-way line while I also spent an inordinate time in goal. However, Spizz has been playing well and leading the attack. He has often been getting a brace of goals. Spizz has also been looking trimmer, which has made him more mobile. However, he is still partial to the odd Stella and is over the moon about the performance of his team Aston Villa.
Probably, the player of the year is Big Dave, who often displays a few of the "Dark Arts" of defending. He is also a good exponent of how to play the long-range shot, especially when I am in goal.
One of my New Year's resolutions is to shed a few pounds and play a more box-to-box game, which will increase my enjoyment of the match. This is sometimes negatively affected by my over-long stints in goal (and I am pretty rubbish in goal). I don't think Gashead will give me a vets discount for me being over 50 but I might try and cut down the expenditure in the pub afterwards.

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