Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Spizz hit the post with a long-range effort!

It happened while I was in goal. Spizz suddenly launched himself towards the ball and the result was a surprising shot, which hit the post. Usually, the pop star is quite close to the goal so that he can stroke the ball in. It was the sheer distance, which confused me.
Luckily, I ended up on the winning side. Big Dave and Boro Dave gave our team the edge although Big Dave, an expert in the black arts of defending, somehow crashed into the Somali lad Nani and said play on. Also, there was almost a bit of afters between Big Dave and his brother Steve.
As for any trips to foreign climes, it has gone a bit quiet at the moment. I think we have been credit crunched and Mick has been suffering from a hamstring problem, so we have missed his cultured play. Plus, Mick is the only sensible one among us to organise a trip. I think it was Germany. The collapse of sterling against the euro seems to have affected future sporting relations between our two great countries.

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