Monday, 2 March 2009

Spizz is quite fleet of foot on the pitch.

I suppose Spizz is close to being a modern renaissance man. For instance, people buy his paintings, he had a few pop hits and although somebody might decide that his body is less than svelte, Spizz is pretty quick on the six-a-side pitch. He always gets close to me, since he thinks it is a pretty sure bet that I will be unable to tackle him.
I am definitely going to make an effort to play this Friday coming. I suppose Spizz will be a bit unhappy that his beloved Aston Villa gave away points to struggling Stoke. The Villa have a pretty uninspiring record at home. I remember the Holt Stand from the old days when it was standing only and it was awesome. However, some of the exits from the stadium can be blocked a little bit too easy for the fans of the away side.
I don't understand why Aston Villa have not gone out to win all their matches. The club seriously let down their travelling support in the recent UEFA away game.

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