Monday, 7 July 2008

Arsenal Simon, the one and only!!

I thought I would devote this blog to profiling Arsenal Simon. We also have another
Simon playing with us, who actually arranges the booking on Friday nights and who I call for the purpose of the blog Gashead Simon, because he is a Gashead (Rovers!!).
Apparently, the Cheltenham groundshare has collapsed and it is back to Bristle.

At the last pub meet before our midsummer meet, Arsenal Simon seemed slightly perplexed that I wrote a blog about the Friday night game and about the performance
(football wise) of Mr Spizz. So I thought
I would share my thoughts about Arsenal Simon with all my readers. I know you are out there because the Google report shows some hits.

The very positive atributes:
1) Arsenal Simon is prepared to buy you a drink in the pub when the round system has collapsed/or you have run out of money. So he is a true gentleman.
2) Arsenal Simon plays the game how it should be played. Triangles, push and move are not alien to him unlike the other bastards. OK, he passes even to me, even though
I am well-known for falling over or for passing it back to the opposition.
3) Arsenal Simon wears an away kit of those money grubbing crew, which I can just about tolerate, rather than the home kit. This is since I am a part time Spurs supporter, even though I might have a mindset of just remembering Pat Jennings,
Sol Campbell (why did they go to Arsenal?)
4) I have never seen Arsenal Simon foul anybody. This is unlike some who specialise in the black arts (step forward Big Dave and Boro Dave!!)

The very negative attributes
1) Arsenal Simon should score more goals. He hits the post alot. I think he has watched the Gunners too many times. At our level you don't have to place the ball an inch inside the post. You can poke it towards the goalie, who percentage wise is likely to either miss the ball completely or help it on its way. Especially, if I am
in goal. One of my unforced errors led to Boro Dave, letting loose some invective.
Big Dave said during the post-mortem in the pub aftewards it was the moment when our
team imploded.
2)I would be happier if Arsenal Simon did not wear the away shirt (which looks two or three years old). Obviously, that is a personal opinion.
Changing the subject Spizz was very pleased about his Milan trip while his mate Mick K, (they are both Aston Villa fans) says we could get a game. So the foreign footie tour might be back on!!

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