Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Mid-season training: what a joke!!

I was perusing my gut this morning and I think it needs some serious mid-season training. Spizz has been doing well toning his body, although he still likes to quaff a few Stellas. His mate Mick K. has quite a likening for Paulaners. Foreign muck if you ask me. Me and Spizz are just good friends despite the rumours!! Although I had the pleasure of seeing him naked in the showers a few times. Obviously, he was surrounded by chaperones.

I have got a good personal trainer but it was working out at £150 a month and I did not think he was sculpting my body so I stopped it. I am going to Spain for the hols in August and it is usually a complete debacle, food and drink wise. So I must get into some shape pronto. Did you, dear Reader, like how I introduced a Spanish word into the text?

It looks like an injured Ronaldo will not be going to Real Madrid for £80m quid, which is probably a shame after all the hype. I suppose I can handle seeing the Portuguese superstar diving for Man Utd.

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