Friday, 20 June 2008

Sorry I got the wrong link for Aston Villa on last story.

Sorry I got the wrong link for Aston Villa on the last story and it is The latest news from the Birmingham-based club is that O'Neill has admitted it is being hard to bolster the team. It is a shame that Barry wants to go to Liverpool as it makes it more difficult for teams to challenge for the top four places.
Last week I was on the losing side again going down 3-2 but Spizz got a nice goal. In the pub the old rocker was looking forward to another Milan trip. He has been commissioned to produce some art work from a Milanese client, who had seen Spizz Energi in the
I had declared a boycott on watching any of the Euro games but this was broken in the pub when we watched the Dutch against the French. I shudder to think what the Dutch would do to our lads, so we are probably best out of it.
On the 3-2 drubbing, Big Sam got our two goals including a rare penalty, which sent Spizz the wrong way. Usually, penalties are not given but when they are, they can often be missed.

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