Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Last Friday saw Mick K. at his very best.

Last Friday saw Mick K. at his very best as he marshalled the defence during a three-one win. Amazingly I was on the winning side. Mick made sure that I did not stray too far from a focussed right back role. He also ensured that his fellow Aston Villa mate Spizz did not get a sniff in front of goal.
We were thirteen so to make the numbers up Gashead Simon invited one of the lads watching the game to play. Luckily, the Somali lad played for us and had incredible balance. He slotted in two of our three goals and managed to ride a sliding tackle from Big Sam, where amazingly everyone agreed that it was a foul.
So on side A we had me, Mick K., the Somali lad, Tony, Gashead Simon, Steve and Ian. They had James, Russ, Big Dave, Big Sam, Boro Dave, Spizz and Jeff. Our third goal was scored by Ian,
who always makes me ponder the fine line between leading the attack and goalhanging.
Last Friday Ian had a fine game and nearly scored another goal. Gashead Simon had a subdued match.
However, at least I was on the winning side for once, which galvanises my OPTA ranking.

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