Tuesday, 13 May 2008

We are thinking of collating OPTA results for the games.

We are considering that we should move to a collation of OPTA data for the matches played on Friday night. Spizz made the saner suggestion that we should just keep a list of the various teams and see who plays more on the winning side than not. So here goes, last Friday we had five a side and team A won 2-1 with Gashead, Andy, Sam, Ian and Mick. On team B was the Guvnor, Spizz,
Tony (after a five year lay-off according to him), Steve and Big Dave. It was a very
tight game.

Spizz is playing Milan this weekend, I think. It's the group's first continental gig for some time and is delayed from last time following problems with licences. I hope it goes well.

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