Monday, 19 May 2008

Last Friday we lost four-two!!

Last Friday, we lost four-two on a six-a-side basis. Team A was Gashead, Big Dave, Simon the
Arsenal fan, Big Sam, another Sam, who helped us out and Andy. Team B was the Guvnor, Boro Dave, medium sized Ian, James, Joe and Ross. I let in a soft goal from Big Sam, who completed a
hat trick in 12 minutes. We did not have much of a defence and were a bit unlucky in front of
goal when Boro Dave hit the bar.
In the post-match analysis at the pub, Big Dave noted that the
key moment in the game was when we imploded. Unfortunately, the Guvnor let himself down and had a spat with Boro Dave about tactics.
Spizz was otherwise engaged preparing for the Milan gig while Mick could not play because something turned up. Next Saturday, May 24th, Spizz is playing at Filthy's. By then I should know the result of the Chelsea-Man Utd game in Moscow. I suppose it will be like the Community Shield game and will go to penalties.

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