Monday, 21 April 2008

Spizz told me to highlight a new web address!!

On Friday, Spizz told me to highlight a new web address which he has. The old
rocker still has as well. Somehow he got to reminiscing about the Clash,
who he put up posters for. Spizz and young Simon started to swap notes about the Mescaleros
as well. I was a bit out of the loop since I have only got two or three albums, although I
really like "London Calling".
Both Spizz and young Simon discussed the impending demise of the Astoria and the dearth
of live venues in central London. I remember going to the Astoria once and thought it was a
great concert although I can't remember the band. Crossrail is going to cost so much money
adding in a few bob to build a new concert hall does not seem much.

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