Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Fingers, darlink!

Hello again, Spizzenergi blog readers. I return to duty following a month long hiatus largely caused by my holiday in Thailand and can only thank Paul The Guvnor for his sterling work while I was gone. The story about the sultry Argentinean lady with the expensive taste in sparkling wine was my personal highlight of the past few weeks’ blogs.

Back once more to Coram Fields with a veritable cornucopia of events to go through from last Friday. Two teams of at least nine aside played out an 8-4 win in favour of the Yellows, with plenty of action and items worthy of note. I’ll have a bash at listing the two teams:

Yellows: me, Simon Gas, Andy, Bristol Paul, Liam, Yev (eventually), Mick, Dave, Danny

Blues: Ian, Steve, Alex, Paul, Alan, Nick, Farouk, Spizz, Simon Inky

Yev’s late arrival saw Simon Ink switch sides following a lively start for the Yellow’s attack that had man of the match Liam linking up with Dave on the left and the aforementioned percussionist through the middle. Yev’s late arrival also saw the Ukrainian hitman take to the field, once again, sans football shorts and in a pair of tight white briefs. Quite what anyone looking on made of this spectacle is anyone’s guess.

The Yellows roared into a four goal lead despite the Blues boasting plenty of youthful vim and vigour in the guises of Alex, Nick and also a nineteen year old new recruit named Farouk, who Paul had befriended in his father’s shop in Potters Bar. The story behind the Yellow’s eventual success lay in a defence forged deep in the West Country, with Simon and his fellow Gashead Paul (many, many, commiserations by the way, lads) forming a defensive partnership that proved the dual rocks on which the Blues’ waves of attack kept breaking. Martin Skrtel and Mamadou Sakho would have done well to have watched and learnt.

Liam bagged six of the Yellow’s eight goals, with two sticking out in the memory: one was a dinked finish over an advancing ‘keeper after a glorious through ball from Mick and the other was a disguised left footed finish that was more reminiscent of something you’d see at The Crucible than on a football field. The Yellows other two finishes came from Yev, terrorising the Blues with both his pace and his posing pouch and also Dave, who capped off a fine game wide on the left with a finish that crept in at the near post having wrong-footed both the goalie and the Blues’ defence.

The Blues did briefly threaten to back on terms via goals from Spizz and Alex, but a lack of defensive shape kept undoing their efforts to drag the lead back and an increasingly fractious ongoing exchange between new wave icon Spizz and bearded hipster Nick undermined their esprit de corps. Spizz’s Tsa Tsa Gabor-like refusal to go in goal on account of a semi-mythical finger injury only added to the rancour.

With no teams coming on at eight ‘o’ clock, the assorted ranks of amateur footballers played on until around 8.15 pm, although Ian Gooner had to go and see a man about a dog and as such the Blues’ task became even more difficult, although the score didn’t alter at either end despite the tiring legs and departing players.  

And so to the Skinners Arms, where a decent number of us made it this week. Topics up for discussion included the ongoing political unrest in Thailand, the Premier League title race, Farouk’s studies at the University of Nottingham and how to get off a speeding charge.

It’s good to be back…

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