Monday, 31 March 2014

At least Goughie and Stevie A. made up in the Skinners afterwards.

A pulsating four-four draw was enlivened by a fight between Goughie and Stevie A,, Moany Tony calling the yellow team "cheats" (not very Corinthian spirited) and walking off with his blue team down four-three. Without the Spurs supporter, advert maker and professional singer we managed to get a well-deserved equaliser. (Did you see Spurs yesterday at Liverpool? They were absolutely shite and a disgrace to the shirt).

The game quickly became four-one to the yellows when Yev (on time this time), Stefan and Will cut us to pieces and aided and abetted by Fenian Mick, who was gracing some cool, media-type stubble on his chin. On our team the star performers were Dan, making a rare performance before relocating up norff to be with his bird in Harrogate, Moany Tony and Liam. In a controversial part of play Liam went down very close to the penalty area after a heavy challenge from Sheffield Andy. Somehow the Blues did not get the penalty despite the referee Gashead Simon being on our side.

At four-one the blues were losing badly but Chris took a central defensive role and with Gashead playing to his left and me the Guv'nor and debutant Tom, a friend of Dan, were playing in the right and suddenly we stopped leaking goals and so Dan, Moany Tony and Liam led the fight-back. For us Danny made an amazing block from Stevie A, while Gashead flung himself to keep a shot out when he was in goal.

As for the sensational fight, Ian "Goughie,
received a poor challenge from Stevie A, and retaliated with a volley of kicks and punches. Liam manfully stepped in to break up the warring parties. I was hugging the right touchline at the time and as I am of a nervous disposition, I looked away and so I had an Arsene Wenger moment of not fully seeing the controversial episode. At least Goughie and Stevie A. made up in the Skinners afterwards.

Although it was a pulsating draw, I thought the yellows shaded it with Will crashing a shot against the bar, Yev scoring a wonder goal showing great technique hooking in the ball, which arrived over his shoulder. Then, he missed a sitter when he could have passed the ball in to a central attacker for a tap-in. I played forlornly against Stefan, who looks younger than my son but I think the Young American did not get on the score sheet. I kept well away from Fenian Mick since in all the games I have played against him I have never once tackled him. At the end Mick K. was a bit distressed about all the lip in the game. If Moany Tony wants to call the opposition cheats in future I will ask him to vacate the pitch before he flounces off.

In the dressing room afterwards as usual Coram Fields laid on cold water. We should really get a discount (NB Gashead). Feisty Ian "Goughie" made some tasteless jokes about Dan going up to Yorkshire (will you be playing football on Ilkley Moor?). I know Yorkshire quite well having been to Skipton, where my relations are, and for a poor southern boy I have braved the delights of Barnsley, Huddersfield, Sheffield, Scarborough, York and Doncaster. I have only driven through Leeds but I am sure I will visit the cultural centre of the county some time soon. I have never been to Harrogate but I hear it is very nice.

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