Sunday, 3 February 2013

Possible organisational changes mooted for Spizz Energi at Coram Fields

Given the number of late withdrawals on Friday, there might be a new rule in place whereby if you can't turn up then let Gashead know by Thursday. We had 5-a-side on last Friday's game (kick, punch, first of the month). I played through the pain barrier and our team ran out worthy winners at
around 11-7 or 10-6.

On the Saturday morning my new hero "Minder Bill from ASLEF" led the march in Enfield against the closure of the district hospital at Chase Farm, Ridgeway. The hospital is being closed down by
salami cuts. I suppose the prospect of a succulent profit from throwing up cheap housing for cheap
foreigners (whoops, might not be politically correct that one but true) is too much to resist.

When the powers-that-be closed Highlands, Chase Farm got a multi-storey car park. Highlands is now dominated by a massive housing estate, a so-so school funded by PFI (massive admin cost to
change a bulb etc) and Sainsbury's for God's sake. A big chunk of the money went to Charing Cross is a bit further away than the main solution of coming under Royal Free, Hampstead. They should be selling that site first given the property potential and the parking is criminal.

So Spizz, nip up and see us at the Ridgeway to defend Chase Farm. (The Guv'nor).

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