Monday, 4 February 2013

Dear Readers,

given the grave attack on the National Health Service (NHS) in England, I, aka "the guv'nor and the
Enfield dataman (sorry I have a split personality), is going to have face change to the "Spizz Forever"
blog, which links up quite a bit to, with a bit of emphasis on saving
Chase Farm Hospital in Enfield or it could be on similar moves at Lewisham and at the
Whittington. Apparently, the old punk rocker has put a photo of me on the Web doing my usual trundle at Old Street (our old home on a Friday night)..

There also have been operational reasons with patchy appearances of Spizz on the pitch and eagle-eyed readers would have spotted that we are not going on a tour to Germany.First, Fenian Mick
talked up a possible connection in Deutschland and probably realised our brand of football would lead us to being slaughtered by some massive Teutons. Also, Blades Andy offered a trip to play his headquarters in Germany and it was all going swimmingly but then Big Goughie and Big Sam started# doing their Gestapo impersonations. We just could not the chance of being with these guys in Germany.

A digression here: I went to see the Bayern Munich
defeat of Man Utd when Robben got that absolutely brilliant goal from the corner. (Michael Carrick
where were you?). As expected there were a lot of Munich fans and they were a massive size,

So the blog, when it is handled by Gooner Simon, will be the purest with devottion to just the trials and tribulations of the footie, now at Coram Fields, When I do the blog (The Guv'nor=Enfield Dataman). the blog will include comment on the issues of the day (why can't Arsene Wenger pick a good defence and Arsenal definitly need a new goal keeper).
I have massive admiration for Spizz, Minder Bill from ASLEF and old Tom, who was in Bomber Command. The latter got tanked up in Dublin with a group of mates and they took the train to Belfat so as to enlist in the Royal Air Force (RAF).

Warmest regards from the Guv'nor-Enfield Dataman

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