Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Guv'nor shocks the two teams with early goal.

Last Friday night the Guv'nor shocked the two teams with an early goal. "I found some space on the left wing, I think it was Gashead, who poked the ball down the line, then I had Danny in goal at my mercy.
I curled it round him and the ball hit the post. For a moment with my luck (my Dad passing away on Valentine's Day and Man Utd losing the league to the noisy neighbours) the ball would come out again but it
nestled in the net."

The Guv'nor told an off-pitch reporter that his confidence was sky high after a good pre-season playing with Cliff and Kev's team. Fenian Mick could testify that he got a neat goal in a match organised by Cliff, although the Guv'nor would be a bit disorientated since he plays a zonal defence system rather than the man-to-man marking preferred by the

Soon, after the goal, the Guv'nor trundled back to defence to replace Gashead in goal. Fenian Mick quipped that the colours were putting their best attacker in goal!.
"The game was seven-a-side and evenly matched until Phil Bowers and Alex Charnley started passing to the opposing team rather than doing the easy ball to me and opening the defence."
"I managed to catch the 7.44 and saw a bit of Gardener's World, which gave me my tasks for the weekend, which included raking the lawn. I was quite pleased with my performance and I owe Gashead a six quid match fee."
I am going to propose an addition to our by-rules, people who don't pass and people who don't do their shift should pay Gashead a tenner.
The surplus we build up can be used for a physio fund to help players get through injuries. The best sight for me last Friday was the return of Ross from a knee injury. The lay-off might have been shorter if we paid for private physio."
Before I left we basically had the game under control with Matt scoring two fine goals and also diverting a shot into our own net. I thought he was the star of the match. Spizz scored a fine curving shot when I was behind the sticks. Yev and Mick were the pick of the bunch for them.
In his captaincy role Mick had to explain a few simple football strategies to WBA Ian.

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