Sunday, 29 August 2010

I had to face a reality check last Friday!!

Spizz was injured with a hamstring problem and was unable to come on to the pitch last Friday to match up an incredible ten versus eleven. This was a Bank Holiday weekend!! Have'nt these 7.45pmers guys got better things to do? I can understand eight versus eight but ten versus eleven. Yours truly was one of the valiant ten and we had rush keeper but it was a bit hectic. I did not realise (until Spizz explained it to me) that the opponents were wearing bright orange coloured bibs or wore some kind of red. This was VERY CONFUSING.

So out of the 7pmers it was just me and Big Ian and we were playing against each other. Ian curled in a nice goal while I had to face a reality check since passing game was not really up to scratch. However, I did get a few interceptions in. This is despite the fact my supporters know that I favour the "Bobby Charlton" style tackle.

We lost 10-3 and I did three stints in goal and did not really cotton onto the fact
that we could play rush. It was claimed that I gave away a penalty but it was not
awarded. When not in goal I stayed mostly in defence. Quite a few of our team seemed to have positional problems to put it mildly although our star player was Cliff. In addition, Tom was a very strong player but suffered from an inability to pass, which was sarcastically commented on by his fellow player Steve.

Unfortunately, I will miss next week's start of the new season for the 7pmers, who will have to get use to the fact that the beer garden of their local has been sold off and is just a hole in the ground prior to some foundations being put in.
Spizz will also be absent since he is got some promotion in Milan. He explained it to me last Friday but I did not really understand what it was about.

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