Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Football makes me laugh!! Fergies buys player unseen.

You just have to laugh at our national game. Man Utd manager Sir Alex Ferguson buys a player he has never seen before on the say-so of friend and former colleague Carlos Queiroz. Then,
Fergie makes a general criticism on how transfer deals are so out of touch with

I know Stephen Ireland is an above-average midfield player and he is moving from Man City to Aston Villa but I don't really understand why Ireland is trousering £1.5m plus. (I suppose it is the old sign-up fee?) Man City has just gone plain loco shipping out Ireland and Craig Bellamy then getting Mario Balotelli and James Milner in return. I have seen some highlights of Balotelli and he does look an exceptional talent but the trouble with the Premier League is that all the games are competitive unlike Serie A, when there are easy clubs to play and where games in Italy are occasionally fixed. (Look at Wikipedia under Italian football corruption).
Hands up if you think James Milner is worth £27.5m.

At Manchester City, there seems to be an absolute whirlwind of deals, which must make the mouths of player agents drool. Besides Ireland, Craig Bellamy is going to Cardiff FC on a season-long where the Mancunian club is picking up half of the wages (sheer insanity!!).
Gawd knows where Robinho will go. Roque Santa Cruz (Rock Holy Cross?) is also on the way out.
Bellamy might be difficult (apparently Mancini has not spoken to him since February. But as far as the Premier League games are concerned, Bellamy would be in my team every time. I also remember when Robinho ripped apart Everton at the fortress (?) of Goodison Park.
You don't get into a Brazilian World Cup team if you are not a good player.

All of these crazy transfer fees are not going to change the expected outcome of the Premiership this season, which is a two horse race between holders Chelsea and runners-up
Man Utd. I think Chelsea has the better tactical manager in Carlo Ancelotti, who is very tough and disciplined. He seems to have made it clear to the players that when they are on the club's time then high standards of discipline are required.
However, their private lives are their own. Looking back Ancelotti gave a lot of support to John Terry (JT) with the scandal of the French bint saying basically "Private lives".

The Blues have even enlisted the help of Dolce & Gabbana. Ancelotti worked with the Italian fashion designer group when he was at AC Milan. The Italian manager said in an interview with the Times magazine last Saturday (highlighting the new Dolce & Gabanna range for the West London team) that it was important to show a disciplined, uniformed approach especially when the club travel.
I must admit even the Drog and Lamps looked pretty good in the suits. Getting rid of Joe Cole, who has got himself sent off and missed a penalty at Liverpool, looks a stroke of genius by Anclelotti.

On the Spizzenergi front, I will be having a hospital procedure on the first day of the new season on September 3rd. It will probably take me three weeks to recover. Hopefully,
Bristol Rovers (the Gas!) will have won some games by then. Otherwise, Gashead Simon will need
some TLC. My goals this season are to score more goals (if the b*st**ds pass to me!!) and to get a discount on the match fee to reflect all of my ailments. One of them is my vet status at being 52 and a quarter years old.

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