Tuesday, 28 April 2009

This is an appreciation of Simon, drummer for Rubinthecubin.

Simon Ink.,as different from Gashead Simon, is a drummer for the band Rubinthecubin and is one of our relatively new players. He is quite good in goal, actually diving to make a save, and does these mazy, long dribbles, which are quite exciting to watch until Simon gets a crunching tackle from Big Dave or his brother Stevo.
Simon Ink.also has a tendency to shoot off-target. It might sound counter-intuitive but it makes sense in our standard of five-seven a side footie to shoot closer to the goalkeeper. This would make the goalie work for a save or the goalie might drop the ball and this would lead to a brilliant goal.

For instance, when Spizz shoots, invariably he is quite accurate. Then, he spoils the moment by half-collapsing with his puffer, if he has had to make a strong run to get into the shooting position.

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