Monday, 6 April 2009

Spizz bags another brace but we still lose.

The Deutsches Fussballorganiser has not turned down the idea of a bit of a footy match in Germany. I said to Mick that I was the new Cafu and needed to be selected for the right back position. However, I going to have to own up to a distinct lack of pace and will probably end up a late impact substitute to soak up time. I am trying to work on my pace but suffer from the handicaps of wearing glasses and having a pin in my leg.

Spizz bagged another brace of goals last Friday night. It was like vintage Maradona, a combination of grace and power. However, we were soon 1-4 down and thanks to Spizz and Big Dave, we got our noses ahead to 5-4 only to let in two soft goals at the end. I seemed to spend an inordinate time in goal and so next week I will strive to spend more time on the pitch.

For the 14th of May there has been a change of plan and SpizzEnergi will be supporting the legendary New York Dolls at the 100 Club. Spizz said they would be headlining a date in September. Spizz and I reminisced about the Dolls' performance on "Old Grey Whistle Test". Spizz said that Bob Harris was a bit sniffy about the Dolls and did not get it.

By September, we will be well into a new football season and have more of an idea of the German trip. I would prefer to play in October just to get into some shape and we could have a few practice games since eleven-a-side is not our forte.

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