Monday, 21 October 2013

The pulsating 5-5 draw revisited!!

In a bid to bring some order to a group of headless chickens, Gashead Simon had invested in a whistle, which he used to good effect so as to call time on the guys playing before us. These two teams really knew how to play football, long raking passes, tracking back and no agricultural tackles while goal mouth chances were clinically dispatched. When we came on the Blues v the Different Shirts, there was shocking stuff played amongst some good things. Gashead Simon seemed to go through a spell of attempting laser-precision passes down the left wing and failing. However, his general play was represented as usual by a steely determination not to lose a tackle.

Gashead Simon was playing on the Different Shirts side, which comprised of Gashead Paul, me the Guv'nor,
Phil B. Phil the Goalie, Alex, and Nick. While the Blues had Mick K., Liam, Danny, Ian G, Alan Morg and one other. I can't remember the full teams but the Blues had one less and were the moral victors coming back from 3-1 down to gain an advantage of 5-3 before Alex and Nick dragged us back into the game to equalise. We nearly won it when a rasping shot from Alex clipped the post. He was our best player with Gashead Paul brilliant in defence. Paul made an amazing recovery to stop Liam scoring. The Celtic supporter  won the first ever penalty I have seen at Coram Fields after being dragged down by Phil the Goalie. This might have been a straight red in real football. Liam dispatched the ball clinically but it went through the net and climbed over the fence into the playground next door.

Liam and Mick K. were the star players for the Blues, who were augmented at the end by a late-running Yev, who has started a new job in the City. He scored a late goal, which was chalked off since the Coram Fields Centre had called time for us to come off the pitch. This deprived Gashead Simon of using his new whistle.

Phil B.scored a wonder goal dribbling along the touchline for the Different Shirts and his curvy corners are a wonder to behold. Although the Blues, I think, got an easy breakaway goal from one of them. Mick K. says that the most likely result from a corner is a goal the opposite end.

It was a shame we missed Spizz but the Bristol connection was in play with Paul and Simon, Gasheads both.
Danny and Alan Morg played a defensive role for the Blues. Obviously, the next match report will be better marked by a return of the peerless prose of Gooner Simon.

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