Monday, 4 March 2013

Desperately Seeking Simon

Last Friday saw the return of two Friday night football legends for the first time in some weeks (since the inaugural game at Coram Fields, in fact): Yev and post-punk legend Spizz, for whom this blog was created. With Simon Gas desperate for numbers it was disappointing yet unsurprising that Yev was late, (perhaps this is tradition in the frozen east) and the Ukrainian’s tardiness, allied with that from Boro Dave, resulted in two separate games.

The first finished 2-0 to the team in Colours; the winning side comprising Phil, Ian West Brom, Danny and Simon Gas against a somewhat diminutive Bibs team containing colossi such as me, Liam and Joe.

The arrival of the galloping Yevchenko and Dave saw a re-jigging of both teams, which looked like this

Bibs: Liam, Joe, Nick, Boro Dave, Spizz, Ian Arsenal

Colours: Yev, Phil, Ian West Brom, Danny, me, Simon Gas

Despite an enterprising and skilful midfield containing Joe, Liam and Nick, the Bibs too often over-elaborated and were not able to provide the ammunition that Dave usually thrives on; by contrast the Colours, driven on by an inspirational Danny, boasted Phil and Yev up front who were in merciless mood, punishing the Bibs time and again for pushing too many men too far forward. 

With the Bibs desperately seeking some solace from the relentless probing (cough) of the Colours front line they were around 10-15 occasions when either Phil or Yev had just the keeper to beat and the scoreline duly assumed that of a table tennis match. 

Here are some highlights from the tsunami of goals – two good headed finishes from corners for each team, (Liam and Danny supplying the noggins); one tight angle finish from Nick toward the end to lent a sheen of respectability to proceedings; one from Ian West Brom after linking up with Yev and Phil; a typically fluid effort from Dave; and even a goal from me, which is rare as hen’s teeth. And naturally, a shedload for both Phil and Yev. 

Sadly, it was not Spizz’s best night. Hopefully he’ll be back to full effect very soon.

Final score: 11-6 to the Colours 

A very quiet night pub-wise, with just me, Ian, Simon Gas and Yev making the Friend at Hand for a couple of swift pints. I think the final conversation of the evening was about man’s inability to kill fellow man without extensive training. It was that kind of night.

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