Monday, 14 December 2009

Last Friday night saw a 2-2 draw with a dramatic finale!

Spizz made a welcome return from Italia, which he said was 110 pct on the enjoyment scale. Again, we had an eight-a-side game with space at a premium. Spizz was thwarted with a couple of saves by Sheffield Andy but we could not break down their defence. Then, Geoff got a first goal for them when a big hole opened up in the middle of our defence. This was followed by Steve making it two nil with a fine shot. We were making no headway so Gashead Simon changed the sides with Steve joining us for Simon Gooner.
This made the sides for us: Spizz, Will, Steve, Alan Morg., the Guvnor, Ian, Danny and Tone. Danny was making a welcome return from being based in Qatar for the Diplomatic Corp for a few years and he is a Liverpool fan.
For them were Simon Ink, Simon Gashead, Simon Gooner, Big Dave, Mick K., Sheffield Andy, Geoff and Ross.
We got back into it with a disputed penalty, which was slotted home by Steve and so he scored for both sides. I tried to push up and was linking up with Will on the right. The minutes were ticking way when Alan Morg. got free on the left and put over a precision cross. I was moving backwards to avoid being in the D and I had to admit that I was visualizing the goal before I passed the ball into the net. Simon Ink. was unable to get across in time and Mick K. said afterwards that commemorative stamps and coins might have to be issued. Spizz commented that over the years he has only seen me score three goals!!
To milk the moment I did a Charlie George style FA Cup final celebration on the
ground and the team piled in. This made it 2-2 with just minutes to go. I thought we were going to nick it at the end but the next game clanged the gate to come on and that was it. I feel sorry for regulars Ian Goughie and Big Sam, who missed the match and perhaps the goal of the season. Tone and Alan Morg. kept us in the game while Steve was man of the match playing for both teams. Mick K. and Big Dave were very organised for them while Ross was a handful. Gashead Simon had a solid game on the left but might have been more effective if he switched with Geoff to the other wing.

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