Monday, 26 October 2009

Eight a side leads to one-one draw!!

In a rare game of eight a side, the result was a close one-one draw. Joe outstripped me a bit and I should have put my foot in. The result was that he steered the ball into the net for a one goal lead. We only managed to get a draw quite late on when Simon Gooner passed to me on the left and I somehow crossed the ball to an unmarked Alan Morg. who slotted the ball in past Goughie in goal.
In between these two events Spizz gave me a pep talk about my attacking abilities, which even I admit are sadly non-existent nowadays. While both sides played a good passing game even though it was very crowded. It was a good debut for Ross, who selected the teams.
Just a note for the statistics. We had three Simons play for our team: Gashead, Inkp. and Gooner while Big Sam was immense in defence. Alan Morg. hit the post for us when it was still nil-nil but Big Dave marshalled his defence well.

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