Friday, 17 July 2009

I am missing the Friday night fix of seven-a-side football!!

With the mid-summer break because we can't really get the numbers, I am still missing the Friday night fix of seven-a-side football. Truth to be told I am also missing the dulcet tones of Spizz and his incisive running off the ball. At the moment (touch wood) Spizz has not been running off to the puffer behind the goal after the first sprint of the match. His overall fitness has come a long way. Spizz often makes these diagonal runs from the wing so as to shake off (if he has one) his marker. These diagnoal runs can be quite effective.
I have just sent off a missive to Mick K. for ideas to put in the blog during the mid-summer break since he is in the creating writing game (he is a journo). So watch this space.
During August, I might gatecrash Cliff and Kevin's game, which comes on after us on Friday nights. They play through the summer. It is a mixed ability game ranging from Umma's step-overs to some pretty agricultural passes by other players. However, both Cliff and Kevin are quite decent players. Spizz and Big Dave sometimes
play and I am not (currently) high up on the waiting list.
As an addition to British cultural life Spizz and his combo are playing the 100 Club in London on September 4th, which should be a gas.

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