Monday, 22 September 2008

Spizz missed out on last Friday's free-flowing game.

Last Friday we had a free-flowing game although my team went down 4-2. We had one goal disallowed although we thought it crossed the line. Unfortunately, Spizz was unable to play. They opened the scoring with a terrific goal from Tony. The opposition steadily moved up to take up a three-nil advantage. One of the goals was a terrific drive by Mick K. and we just could not make up any headwway up front. I was ploughing a lonely furrow down the right.
I think Boro Dave got one goal and then Big Sam scored a quick one after that. Then, we got pegged back to four-two. However, there was some controversy near the end. We suffer a bit from not playing with a referee and their side seemed to have three of them. Gashead Simon is nominally the ref and the decisions are statistically 60-40 rather than 50-50. I have offered to wear a black outfit next Friday with a whistle provided by Gashead.

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