Tuesday, 5 August 2008

I have e-mailed Spizz for some personal info!!

I have e-mailed Spizz for some personal info since I only see him during the footie season. I said the opening sequence of his site looks good. (too crawly?) Anyway, one picture of Spizz from the old days shows the problem of tempus fugit. He does not look as svelte as that nowadays. However, Spizz has got back into shape and is playing quite well with the old football.
I am getting very limited feedback about the tour, which is pencilled in for locations such as Dortmund or Essen. Maybe not very salabrious places but apparently
Mick, who is one of the few players of our lot who can actually play, can get a team mad enough to play us. No need to worry the FX brokers yet about our euros requirement just yet.

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