Friday, 21 December 2007

It's a shame it is not Paris for the footie tour!!

It's a shame it is not Paris for the footie tour, since it is a beautiful city and I think the population would take to their hearts a motley team of football players led by Spizz in attack. The French capital is also easy to get to with Eurostar, which has recently moved from Waterloo to St Pancras. The default choice of Tenerife, one of the islands in the Canaries, will need a bit of organising, so if I start now, we should get somewhere. It is a great island divided by the desert-like south and tropical north. We will probably play in Puerto de la Cruz, which is where my mate has retired to. He made quite a few bob to retire young!!

I have also made the decision to become player-manager. I think my football career has had a new zest. I played quite well last Friday and was even on the winning side.

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